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Recruitment Process - Getting Started

In order to be able to post a position, departmental personnel must first have an account created and approved for access to the OJS system.

To request an account, go to the College/Division screen of OJS and enter the requested information in the online form. Once your information has been submitted it will be reviewed by Human Resources. Human Resources may contact departments to verify if personnel’s access to OJS is needed. If approved, an e-mail will be sent to the requestor to indicate they now have access to the OJS.

Please note there are different types of users in OJS.

Requestor: The “Requestor” is the more common form of users in OJS. Requestors are able to post positions, review applications/resumes, and dispense applicants when they are no longer being considered. Usually the requestor is the person responsible for the majority of administrative functions of this vacancy. Only the Requestor can post a position, complete the Request for Offer (RFO) and dispense applications.

Departmental Approval: The “Departmental” approval is usually the hiring manager of the position. When the job posting has been created by the Requestor, it is then sent over to the Departmental Approval for review. Departmental approval personnel do have access to make changes to the requisition. The Request for Offer (RFO) when completed by the Requestor, is also submitted to Departmental Level for approval.

College/Division Approval: The College/Division personnel is the certifying signature of the department/division. All final changes must be approved by the College/Division level personnel.

It is possible for multiple approval levels to be assigned to one person. Only a Requestor is able to post a position, complete a RFO and dispense applicants, so if a hiring manager also wishes to post their position, they can be assigned both Requestor and Departmental user status with College/Division level approved. They are able to switch back forth from each status by an option in OJS called “Change User Type.”