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External Advertising

Jobs on the UH job site are automatically cross-posted to the following job boards:

You may request for external advertising in addition to what is already offered. There are criteria that must be met when developing an advertisement to ensure compliance with both federal and university policies.

External Advertising

To expand and diversify the candidate pool, it may be necessary to advertise beyond the OJS website. Human Resources Employment is available to assist with all advertising questions. Advertisements for benefits eligible staff positions must be approved by the designated Employment Representative for the department, prior to the ad being placed. Employment Representatives review the ad and check that:

  1. EEO/AA statement is included
  2. All verbiage is accurate
  3. Ad accurately reflects position
  4. OJS website address and posting number of position is listed

Applicants must be directed to apply on-line through the job posting website at Applications, cover letters and resumes can only be considered if they are submitted through the on-line system. All benefits eligible staff positions must first be posted on the OJS website before an ad can be placed.


Various advertising resources exist to identify qualified candidates. Internet postings, print ads, trade journals and list serves can be useful in locating the ideal candidate. Any costs and fees related to advertisements are the responsibility of the hiring department. Employment Representatives will focus on locating sites that require little or no cost. Beneficial advertisement options may be used by Employment Representatives to post positions.

Each position has a specific audience which will determine the type of venue the advertisement may focus on. For instance, positions related to Information Technology may not benefit from print ads but would focus on advertisements placed on the internet and IT related job boards. Other positions might reach a larger pool of candidates from ads placed in trade journals or flyers created and posted in strategic locations. Listed below are a few of websites that offer job postings to be placed free of charge:

Higher Education Focused:

Development Sites:

General Sites:

Through its partnership with HERC, UH also gets discounted advertising in a wide variety of publications and venues.

For specific advertisement information regarding a specific position, please contact your Employment Representative for assistance.