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This section provides information that can help ensure that your new hire transition is smooth, it includes information on the hiring process, closing a position and necessary documentation.

The Hiring Process

Hiring a Post-Doctoral Fellow 1 or 2? Check out the new policy on Post-Docs!

Hiring a group of GAs, TAs, or other student workers for the semester? You may be able to use our new Pre-I9 process to lessen their wait time in HR.

A note about your hiring timeline...

Human Resources needs all hiring paperwork complete and in our office no later than five (5) working days before the new hire's start date. This is to ensure:

  • Compliance with Federal hiring laws
  • Proper setup in PeopleSoft so that your employee will:
    • be covered by Worker's Compensation from their first day of work
    • have a full 30 days to select benefits options
    • will be eligible to attend New Employee Celebration
    • will be paid correctly and on time!
If your new hire lives outside Houston and is in the United States, he or she may be eligible to complete the I-9 paperwork, which is an essential element of the new hire package, from his or her place of residence. Learn more about this option! Please Also Note: If you are hiring a foreign national, there may be additional forms and considerations. Please consult the immigration website or contact the Office of the General Counsel.