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Compensation Guidelines

Administrative Responsibility
A summary of the administrative responsibilities of various university departments and offices concerning the ongoing administration and maintenance of the compensation program.

Job Descriptions
General information concerning the university's official job descriptions.

Request for Evaluation or Re-Evaluation of Jobs
The process used by the University to evaluate new jobs and re-evaluate existing jobs.

Pay Grade Structures
The pay grades, and corresponding pay ranges, used to classify staff jobs at the University. Also describes the annual review procedure.

Pay Above Maximum
If, for any reason, an incumbent's base pay exceeds the maximum of the grade, the employee's base pay increases will be withheld until it falls within range, at which time the incumbent will be eligible for future increases.

New Hire Rate
The method used by the University to review and establish starting rates for new hires into staff positions.

Salary Adjustments
Non-promotion salary adjustments, such as merit increases, equity pay adjustments, promotional increases, and interim pay.

Exempt/Non Exempt Designation

Information concerning the pay frequency and overtime eligibility of staff positions.