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Faculty Honors

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Honors

The College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (CLASS) announces the winners of the 2013 Ross M. Lence Awards for Teaching Excellence.

The college gives out teaching excellence awards in three categories:  Humanities, Social Sciences, and Performing and Visual Arts. The awards are named to honor the memory of one of the University of Houston’s most inspiring teachers, Ross M. Lence, a professor of political science from 1971 – 2006.


Prof. Jeffrey Church

The Ross M. Lence Award in the Humanities goes to Jeffrey Church, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. He is a respected specialist on the history of political thought and described by nominator Sue Collins as the “model of a scholar educator”. Read more


Prof. Ryan Kennedy

The Ross M. Lence Award in the Social Sciences goes to Ryan Kennedy, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. He is an award-winning researcher, whose work on oil and governance is truly global, Dr. Ryan Kennedy teaches a quantitative methods course that students love. Read more


Jackie deMontmollin

The Ross M. Lence Award in Performing and Visual Arts goes to Rebecca Valls, Assistant Professor of Dance in the School of Theatre & Dance. Prof. Valls is a rare case, as a colleague put it, she is an "extraordinary technique teacher” who also teaches Dance History and Pedagogy courses. Read more



CLASS congratulates the winners on a job well done!

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