Department of
Comparative Cultural Studies 
University of Houston 
233 McElhinney Building
4800 Calhoun Road
Houston TX 77204-5020
tel (713) 743-3987 
fax (713) 743-3798


About the Department

The Department of Comparative Cultural Studies highlights the rich comparative traditions of disciplines and programs.  The Department offers major degree programs in Anthropology and Liberal Studies, and a minor in Religious Studies. Beginning in the Fall of 2012, the Department will offer new minors in India Studies and Global and International Studies. Collaboration among these programs enhances the strengths of each, and encourages experiential learning and cross-cultural understanding.

Students in these programs explore the historical construction of cultures and the ways in which cultural constructs affect the political, social, and aesthetic relationships that shape human communities.  By creating a shared space for scholarly debate and student learning, the Department of Comparative Cultural Studies enhances the interdisciplinary opportunities inherent in its constituent disciplines.