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Accounts Payable

AP Payments
Choosing the Right Account
Document Imaging for Vouchers
Interagency Payments and Receipts Using RTI
Local Travel Non-Overnight Personal 
Local Travel Reimbursement Checklist
Looking Up an Account Definition
Procurement Card
Prompt Payment and Payment Scheduling
PO Encumbrance
PO Vouchers
SC Voucher Workflow
State Travel Reimbursement Checklist
Travel Card
Voucher Workflow

AP Payments

How to see check numbers and date for vouchers

  • In the Finance menu, select Accounts Payable>Review>Payments>Payment Inquiry.

  • The system displays the Payment Inquiry Page. This page allows you to inquire the information for a particular check/warrant or to search for applicable payments based on your criteria.

If you have a particular payment that you need to review, enter the check/warrant number in the “Payment Reference ID” field and click on Search.

You can also search for payments based on Payment Status, Payment Method, Bank Information, Pay Cycle, Vendor Information, Amount, and Date. Enter applicable information and click on Search.

The system displays the Payment Inquiry Results. You can sort the results by using “Sorting Criteria”. Click on the Additional Info tab or the Vendor Details tab to view more payment information.

Researching lists of payments to vendors


Checking payment status

See instructions above for viewing check number and date for vouchers.