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Workshops and Events

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, the University of Houston Writing Center offers a number of events, presentations, and workshops throughout the academic year for you. Events provide an informal way for you to interact with our writing consultants and to receive information from our staff to improve your writing and productivity.

During the busy end of the semester, Write Night offers undergraduate students extended hours, snacks, caffeine and drop-in consultations in order to help students avoid procrastination and work on significant portions of your writing before finals. Write-a-Palooza is an end-of-semester event primarily for graduate students and offers a quiet space for students to set goals, put productivity tips into practice, and produce as much writing as possible over the course of two days. This is a great option for students working on longer assignments that may exceed 10 pages in length.

In addition to various events held in the Writing Center each semester, workshops are offered on a number of topics and provide a setting for groups of students to focus on a specific type of writing or writing strategy and to then put that knowledge into practice as they interact with our writing consultants and each other. Past topics include personal statements, literature reviews, organization, and prioritizing revision, among others.

The Writing Center also offers presentations for student organizations. A Writing Center staff member can present information about the services the Writing Center provides and how to make appointments, or a specific topic can be requested and we can tailor a presentation to the subject matter and timeframe.

If you would like to submit a request for a workshop or presentation for your student organization or a specific group of students, contact the Writing Center today.