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About Us

The University of Houston Writing Center provides services to students, faculty, and staff in order to support effective writing practices across campus. We believe that writing is an essential component of a university education and an indispensable element of every discipline. Ongoing instruction in writing helps to initiate students into the changing intellectual demands of university life and introduces them to the complexities of their chosen disciplines and professions. Because writing provides the tools to discover and articulate solutions to intellectual problems, improved writing remains a continual goal of a university education.

Writing is a dynamic activity that requires students to adapt strategies, skills, and disciplinary knowledge to different situations, and we believe that learning occurs most effectively when instruction supports students’ individualized writing processes, needs for revision, and ability to conscientiously transfer solutions between contexts. Our goal is to increase students’ effectiveness in writing through our support of individual writers, faculty instruction, staff programs, and the university-wide community of writers.

As a part of the Office of the Provost in the division of Undergraduate Student Success, the Writing Center is part of a collaborative team of dedicated staff members working to assure that UH students progress academically, graduate in a timely manner, and are equipped to thrive after graduation. The Writing Center was established in 1999 to ensure that students successfully meet the expectations of their writing assignments and are equipped with the tools necessary to succeed as writers. To that end, the Writing Center meets individually with student writers, leads developmental writing classes, partners with faculty to support Writing in the Disciplines classes, meets with faculty to design curriculum and assessments, conducts presentations and workshops for students and faculty, and partners with members of the UH community to develop and support effective writing practices across campus.

Within the Writing Center our full- and part-tim e staff work collaboratively to support students, faculty and other staff members through their daily actions and responsibilities, keeping in mind the guiding principles established by WC staff and the ultimate goal of promoting student success .