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Job Opportunities

Each year the University of Houston Writing Center hires undergraduate and graduate students to work as writing consultants.  As we seek talented individuals who can contribute meaningfully to the work we do for the UH student population, please review the information below in order to learn more about what working in the Writing Center is like.

Who are the UH writing consultants?
Writing consultants are skilled, trained students and graduates who are as diverse as the UH student population we serve.  Writing consultants are personable, intellectually savvy students from various disciplines and backgrounds. And, of course, our consultants are strong readers and writers who understand the importance of helping other writers in a collegial and professional manner.

What does a writing consultant do?
Writing consultants meet one-on-one with students in face-to-face or online environments to discuss their writing. These discussions may involve developing ideas, thesis statements, clarity, organization, citing sources, grammar, punctuation--or all of the above. We work with students at all levels, from freshmen to graduate students, and we work with students from all disciplines across campus. We work with both multilingual writers as well as native-English speakers.

Our consultants also have the opportunity to demonstrate engagement and growth in their work by participating in writing center day-to-day operations and campus/community outreach; conducting writing center related research and scholarship; coordinating and leading training events or presentations for students or consultants in our various writing partnerships.

What qualities should a writing consultant have?
Writing consultants should have strong writing skills and have a desire to help others improve their writing. Writing consultants work collaboratively, so it's important that they enjoy listening to writers, reading their work, and talking with them. Self-reflection and a willingness to continually develop as a writing consultant are also important traits. In addition, curiosity about new people and new topics is highly desirable.

What training is involved?
Writing consultants are required to participate in ongoing training and education, including two orientation meetings at the beginning of the semester, weekly ongoing education events (usually on Friday afternoons); reading writing center research, participating in group discussions and inquiry groups, and attending some project related training/meetings. In some cases, consultants who are interested in engaging in the more intellectual work of the Writing Center, such as writing center research or conference presentations, may receive training and education in these areas.

What is the pay?
New undergraduate writing consultants are paid competitively at $10 per hour, and there are opportunities for increasing the hourly rate as consultants meet training and performance milestones. Those who have completed an undergraduate or advanced degree will begin at a higher rate.

What are the work hours?
On average, writing consultants work 8-15 hours per week in 2-3 hour blocks. Please note that hours are not guaranteed and are based on our staffing needs and consultant availability.