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Writing in the Disciplines at UH

Writing in the Disciplines (WID) courses are an integral part of a student’s academic career at the University of Houston. As a component of the Texas Core Curriculum, WID courses compose 3 semester credit hours of most degree plans. WID courses are designed to familiarize students with effective written communication within their area of study and to prepare them to communicate effectively in a style appropriate to their subject matter, the occasion for writing, and the intended audience. In addition to increasing students’ knowledge of the expectations for writing in their discipline, these writing intensive courses require that students write at least 3,000 words of graded prose and receive written feedback from professors with an opportunity for revision.

The UH Writing Center supports faculty teaching WID classes in a variety of ways, from assistance developing curriculum and assignments, to feedback on writing prompts and rubrics, to guidance in effectively providing timely feedback without monopolizing your own time, to assistance integrating TA’s or writing consultations into a course. We believe that teaching writing is a collaborative process, and we are pleased to support professors’ disciplinary expertise by investigating how effective writing pedagogy can be integrated into WID courses.

If you are interested in discussing pedagogy for a WID course you are teaching, investigating time saving tips for providing feedback, having a course given the WID designation, or if you have questions about the Writing in the Disciplines program, you can contact  UH Writing Center Executive Director  John Ebersole request that we contact you.

A complete list of Writing in the Disciplines courses can be found in the UH Undergraduate Catalog.