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General Notes on Document Status and the Approval Process

The Undergraduate Committee shall have subcommittees as appointed by the Chair, each chaired by an elected Faculty Senator.
  • The number of subcommittees will be determined by the number of proposals submitted.
  • The number of proposals submitted will be determined at the latest submission due date.
Subcommittees will consider proposals related to the following:
  • Academic Policies & Procedures 
    Matters concerning new policies and/or the interpretation, clarification, or expansion of existing policies as it pertains to undergraduate education are considered by this subcommittee.
  • Core Curriculum 
    Issues involving the impact of State and/or Federal directives; proposals for UH Core changes, such as additions, deletions, the redefinition of categories, or the introduction of new categories; and the creation and/or revision of existing UH Core courses are considered by this subcommittee.
  • Degree Programs and Course Proposals 
    Proposals for new degree programs; revisions to existing degree programs; and new, revised, reinstated, or deleted courses are considered by these two subcommittees.
  • Students Success 
    Issues, strategies, policies with regard to undergraduate student success are considered by this subcommittee.
  • Undergraduate Catalog 
    This subcommittee's purpose is to monitor the content, logic, and ownership of the material in the Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Ad Hoc 
    Any academic issue which may require unique or extraordinary consideration will be addressed by an ad hoc subcommittee.

The Executive Subcommittee

The Executive Subcommittee does not address active documents specifically, but has oversight of the general procedural and administrative operations of the Undergraduate Committee.

Cautions about the approval process

Course description changes and new courses cannot take effect until approved by the Provost's office, and the Provost's Office asks that they not be published prior to that time without clear cautions (e.g. to students, on College websites).

The implementation of new Degree offerings; policy changes which may affect the whole University or all or part of the UH System; or changes which relate to State or Federal directives will, in addition to the Provost's approval, also require the approval of the Coordinating Board and the State Trustees, and likewise cannot be officially implemented until all such needed approvals have been secured.  

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