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Campus Departments


Any University of Houston Central campus department, office or division. University of Houston Downtown, University of Houston Clear Lake and University of Houston Victoria would not qualify for the campus department rate.

Cancellation Policy

Must cancel at least 2 weeks in advance of the event date. Failure to do so may result in group/individual having to pay the full rental rate and other service charges on the reservation.

Available Spaces

  • All rooms in the Student Center South & Student Center North
  • Tabling locations in Student Center South & Student Center North
  • Outdoor locations: Lynn Eusan Park, Butler Plaza, Student Center Circle Drive, Student Center Plaza Stage, The Grove, Patio/Hill (other outdoor locations as requested)
  • Campus Walks/Runs
  • Temporary Outdoor Signage Approvals- yard signs, A-frames, campus banners
  • Banner locations - Student Center South

Reservation requests for large-scale or special events received less than 20 business days before the event may be denied due to insufficient time and/or space available to process and accommodate the request.

Outdoor reservations must be submitted at least 14 days in advance of the event in order to ensure that all necessary approvals can be received. Outdoor reservations require the completion of the Freedom of Expression form and the University Sponsorship Verification form, in addition to the online request, as part of the submission. Events submitted less than 14 days in advance cannot be guaranteed to be approved.

Campus departments are limited to four meeting/event reservations per calendar week (Sunday through Saturday).


Catering services are available through The Fresh Fork by Chartwells which is conveniently located at the University of Houston campus.

Customers are also welcome to bring in outside caterer for events. Based on the event, additional documentation could be required.

If alcohol is to be served at the event, all food and drink must be ordered through The Fresh Fork.

Event Sponsorship

Sponsorship is defined as a joint programming venture between a registered student organization, campus department or an off campus group/individual. Campus departments can serve as a sponsor for either a registered student organization or off campus group/individual given that the following conditions are met:

  • The campus department must actively participated in the event by assuming all responsibility for all reservation arrangements and charges assessed
  • All communication with the CARS Office will be conducted by the campus department
  • A member by the sponsoring campus department is present throughout the entire event
  • All accumulated charges will be billed to the sponsoring group directly

Campus departments cannot serve as fronts for off campus groups or individuals as a means of obtaining a reduced rental rate.

Payment & Billing Structure

Campus departments scheduling events will be billed at one of two rates—either the Campus Department rate or the Sponsored rate. The Campus Department rate is applied when a campus department hosts an event that is free of charge, and is for members of the University of Houston community to attend. The Sponsored rate is applied when a campus department is holding an event with an admission fee, is open and marketed for people outside of the University of Houston community to attend, and/or is held in conjunction with an off campus group/individual. Only one of the three conditions above has to occur for the event to be billed at the Sponsored rate. For more clarification about billing rates, please speak with a member of the CARS team.

Payments for events are due two weeks after the date of the event. Campus departments are required to pay via SC Voucher—procurement cards will not be accepted as a form of payment.

Damage deposits are not required for campus departments to host events.

Submitting a Request

Reservation requests for events that are less than 6 months away, but more than 5 business days out must be placed through our online reservation system. The CARS team must create an account for each individual who wants to make reservations. To request an account, please email For step-by-step instructions on submitting an online request, please email

For events that are scheduled for less than 5 business day away, a reservation request form must be completed and submitted to the CARS office by email at, fax or delivered in person

Events more than 6 months in advance are approved by the Student Centers Director. A reservation request form and a policy waiver request form, indicating why more than 6 months is needed to plan the event, must be completed and emailed to for consideration. All final decisions regarding these requests are at the discretion of the Student Centers Director.


The Student Centers does not have any guaranteed customer or visitor parking. For the most accurate information regarding parking, please visit the University of Houston Parking or contact