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Tamika White, LMSW (she/her)


Clinical Assistant Professor
Room: 204 Social Work Building
Phone: (713) 743-2092

Current Curriculum Vitae

Personal Statement

Since 2020, I have worked with the practicum community and students (locally, nationally and internationally) during the COVID19 pandemic. The pandemic did impact the ability for some students to obtain in person practicum opportunities however it did not stagnate the learning experience. In serving on the practicum team as an instructor, coordinator and liaison, I have helped to bridge the gap between the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) behavioral competencies and the structured learning provided while in practicum. I have shared personal experiences learned through employment, internships, volunteerism, and study abroad opportunities with the students. I have helped practicum instructors get onboarded, to start the affiliation process, to navigate forms and to ensure that the learning was progressive for their intern. I helped students search for placements, register for interviews, complete forms, and begin practicum. I helped the students to determine how the current practicum placement experiences contribute to their long-term career goals. Together we explore tasks that are successful and aspects of practicum that can be enhanced during the following term. I have tracked grades, updated IPT (since 2015), provided feedback regarding the field calendar revisions and attended new student orientations as a representative of the practicum office. I have attended the Practicum Advisory Council (PAC) meetings with the practicum office staff and stakeholders. I am a member of the Admissions Committee for the Graduate College of Social Work. During my years working with the practicum office, I have learned to mentor and guide students through securing a placement, maintaining a placement, rebounding from a placement termination, and making the practicum experience work for them. I remain flexible and accessible to my team in order to provide support for structured processes such as Curated Matches, Fall Interviewing, Marketplace, and The Distance Matching Process.

I create an atmosphere where students are comfortable with sharing their thoughts regarding social justice, current events and their direct impact on the field of social work. I acknowledge the diversity of the college and enrich classroom discussions with thought provoking topics and activities that encourage the students to implement our advertising campaign for 2022 “TOWARD | Freedom From The Cages That Confine Us”. I charge and ignite a passion in students that challenges them to address root issues for sustainable systemic change. It is my passion to continue challenging the students to globally enhance their talents while increasing their self-awareness. The students and I discuss the significance of having a self-care plan (immediate, intermediate, long term and life time efforts). We also discuss tips on how to balance daily living while having a practicum placement. I am committed to learning how to enhance educational opportunities for students through conferences such as The Social Work Distance Education Conference, The Council of Social Work Education Conference and The National Association of Social Workers Conference. I will continue networking and establishing long term mentorship opportunities for the graduate college of social work. By having a presence within the practicum community and classroom I am able to effectively integrate my observations with the practicum team for quality assurance and curriculum development.


  • MSW, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, 2008                                                                                     
  • BA, Dillard University, 2007

Licenses and Certifications

LMSW (2014 to currently)

Notary Public Commission (2017 to currently)

Courses Taught

2022 2022FA-Hybrid SOCW6306-Social Work Practice Skills
2022 FA-Online SOCW6306-Social Work Practice Skills
2021 FA-21461-SOCW6306- Social Work Practice Skills
2020 FA-25873-SOCW6306- Social Work Practice Skills

Areas of Specialization

• Medical Social Work
• Distance Practicum Education
• Social Work Practice Skills
• Case Management
• Death, Grief, and Loss
• International Social Work