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Research Office Resources

GCSW Faculty, Staff, and Students:


Sarah Narendorf Sarah Carter Narendorf, LCSW, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development
Dr. Sarah Narendorf is an Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development. She leads the research office, working to ensure that all faculty have the supports they need to produce innovative research that advances policy and practice to achieve social justice. Sarah Narendorf
lena_gcsw-website.jpg Lena Mitchell
Research Administrator 2/Contract Administrator Lena joins us with over 22 years of grant and business administration experience with the University of Houston. Her vast skillset and deep institutional knowledge will be put to use on the post-award side of the research team. Paired with her customer service outlook, she looks forward to taking care of the college's research needs. 713-743-5011
amy.jpg Amy Jones Research Administrator 2/Contract Administrator Amy Jones has 8 years of research experience on both the proposal preparation side and the post-award side of the process. She is a Certified Research Administrator as well. Amy is currently our pre-award administrator and is helping track proposals and awards to meet our 50 in 5 metrics. She is dedicated to customer service and making the research proposal process as pain-free as possible. Amy has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the Bauer School of Business, and a master’s degree in Project Management from the College of Technology. She’s been with UH since 2008. 713-743-2788