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Achieving Our Goals

The MH-RITES Research Center strives to improve the lives of individuals managing mental health issues through research, partnership, education, and clinical treatment.

The Center focuses on the investigation of promoters and barriers to mental health treatment engagement.

Current Initiatives

Several initiatives are in progress to achieve the MH-RITES Research Center's goals. Stay tuned for more information in the near future.

MH Access Program

The Mental Health Across Cultures: Access, Treatment, Engagement, and Stigma Program (MH ACCESS PROGRAM) researches barriers and promoters to treatment engagement, stigma, treatment beliefs, perceptions, and the formal and informal pathways to care across ethnic and cultural populations nationally and internationally, specifically in underserved communities. The investigations and examinations of this program will identify and develop common components of help-seeking and engagement strategies, while addressing culturally-bound components that can be leveraged to improve access and engagement, as well as informing evidence-based mental health treatments to meet the individual needs of different communities. 


Integrative Engagement Initiative

Designing, implementing, and expanding mental and physical health services often relies on path dependence, typically comprised of the same set of established tools and models. The Integrative Engagement Initiative (IEI) seeks to utilize models outside of traditional health services to explore, develop, and advance new pathways for improving access to care, strengthening engagement, and expanding service utilization.