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Achieving Our Goals

The MH-RITES Center improves the lives of individuals managing mental health issues through research, partnership, education, and clinical treatment.

The Center focuses on the investigation of promoters and barriers to mental health treatment engagement.

Current Initiatives

Jewish Mental Health Engagement Study
The first component of this project investigates stigma, treatment beliefs, barriers and promoters of mental health treatment in the Jewish community in Houston. The second component provides trainings to educate practitioners who work in the Jewish community about identified barriers and promoters to mental health treatment. In addition, trainings on treatment for suicide will fill an unmet need to address the alarming increase in suicides occurring in society at large and within the Jewish community.

Working Globally

Several international studies have been conducted on treatment engagement in the United Kingdom, China, Mexico, Japan, and the Middle East.  Our goal is to continue investigating treatment engagement across cultures and countries to provide a template for the best ways to encourage, support, extend, provide, and complete mental health care for those who need it.

While mental health issues affect similar numbers of people worldwide, the culture and acceptable treatments guide the adaption, translation, and success of evidence-based treatments.

AMGITS Initiative*

What is the AMGITS initiative? AMGITS seeks to reverse Stigma. Literally, it does.

STIGMA AMGITS: Accept Mental Illness Give Individuals Treatment & Support

This initiative seeks to build a body of applicable evidence-based research that addresses the best ways to reverse stigma. More information to come.

The MH-RITES Center recognizes the importance of stigma and acceptance of mental illness for individuals and families managing a mental illness. Several organizations exist to reverse stigma, including: