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Achieving Our Goals

The MH-RITES Research Center strives to improve the lives of individuals managing mental health issues through research, partnership, education, and clinical treatment.

The Center focuses on the investigation of promoters and barriers to mental health treatment engagement.

Funding Opportunities

A central goal of the MH-RITES Research Center is to support research involving community outreach and improving the quality of life for individuals living with mental disorders and their families.

Outreach Engagement

Dr. Gearing leads the MH-RITES Research Center in outreach by regularly presenting for continuing college education credits as well as coordinating with any other outreach engagement opportunities. 


As part of the MH-RITES Research Center's mission to disseminate research and increasing access to mental health care, we are compiling a growing list of resources to support students, community members, and other researchers.


MHAPS Program FLO students will gain advanced knowledge and experience in working with individuals with mental health conditions and their families, as well as with healthcare and community-based agencies providing mental health interventions and services.

Current Research