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What is MHAPS FLO?



Practice in


Social Work Program






Why is the MHAPS FLO Important?

  • Social workers are the fastest growing and largest group of mental health professionals. The majority of direct mental health practice (65%) in the U.S. is provided by Social Workers.
  • Building off of the GCSW’s curriculum, the Mental Health Advanced Practice in Social Work Program (MHAPS Program) seeks to provide advanced mental health skills, critical knowledge, abilities, advocacy, and competencies to students.
  • MHAPS Program students will gain advanced knowledge and experience in working with individuals with mental health conditions and their families, as well as with healthcare and community-based agencies providing mental health interventions and services.

What Are The Requirements To Participate In The MHAPS FLO Program?

  • Clinical Student Status
  • Field Education Component
  • Participation in a Research Component – OR – Community Engagement Project
  • 24 Hours of Clinical Trainings (12 per semester)
  • Regular Meeting Attendance
  • Advanced Clinical Elective Coursework


Connect With Us

For inquiries regarding participation in the MHAPS FLO, please send an email to