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Senate Committees

Academic Affairs

Responsibilities: Faculty and course evaluations, degree program requirements and curriculum, academic standards, testing methods, academic advising and course selection, student access and success, student support services, academic policies and honor codes, University Libraries, Enrollment Services

Cody Szell

Internal Affairs

Responsibilities: Senate appropriations, enforcement of SGA Constitution, Bylaws, Statutes, and Rules, amendments to the SGA Constitution, Bylaws, Statutes, and Rules, impeachment proceedings, validity of petitions

Anahi Ortega

Student Life

Responsibilities: Student Center, Student Housing and Residential Life, Student Publications, Student Involvement, development, and advising, student discipline, student health and wellness, students’ rights and civil liberties

Senate Seat Application

Administration and Finance

Responsibilities: Parking and Transportation Services, University Information Technology, University Public Safety and Campus Police, Auxiliary Services, budget and planning, Plant Operations and Facilities

Aaryan Dhanani

Graduate and Professional Students

Responsibilities: Any/all issues pertaining to Graduate and Professional Student Life, Academic Affairs, and/or Administration and Finance.

Senate Seat Application