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Tips for Success

Engaging on campus is the key to success!

  • Get involved in a student organization
  • Work on campus
  • Participate in group work for class
  • Develop your skills by working on a diverse team
  • Challenge yourself to try a new experience
  • Volunteer in the local community
  • Record your involvement activities and update your resume
  • Participate in leadership opportunities
  • Attend on-campus workshops and events

Don't Forget

  • Attend training or presentation
  • Outline your involvement plan
  • Create a seal achievement timeline
  • Make an appointment with the University Writing Center
  • Have your cover letter reviewed by your advisor or supervisor
  • Have your resume reviewed by University Career Services
  • Submit additional cover letters to receive all four Scarlet Seals
  • Schedule your panel interview once you have achieved all four seal
  • Practice your panel interview with your advisor or supervisor
  • Apply for your panel interview
  • Receive notification about the Scarlet Seals of Excellence cord ceremony and celebrate!