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Employer Quotes

“Every company I visit, I ask them the same questions. “What is the #1 reason people fail as an officer in this company?’ The answer is their soft skills” – Charles Holley, Chief Financial Officer of Walmart

“ We need people who can come in and take action and get things done as a team player…math skills are most important but you have to have soft skills. You have to have a high IQ while also having almost as high of an EQ.” – Sharen Turney, Chief Executive of Victoria Secret

“There’s not one specific thing or skill people have to have to work for us. But, I can tell you why we fire people: soft skills. We hire for hard shills. We fire for soft skills. The ability to interact and communicate with others or behave ethically and take responsibility for things tend to be where people tend to break down.” - Rick Stephens, Senior Vice President of Resources at The Boeing Corp.