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Earn your Scarlet Seals of Excellence before you graduate from the University of Houston! The Scarlet Seals of Excellence are available for each and every Cougar to attain. The ability to earn a seal is not limited to any certain major, classification, or method of involvement.

Our slogan is simple: Engage on campus. Articulate your experience. Receive your Scarlet Seals of Excellence.

Based on the list of Top Ten employable skills (National Association of College and Employers) and other research, the Scarlet Seals of Excellence program is structured to demonstrate valuable competencies that students have gained through University of Houston experiences. The holistic development of each of our students is ultimately defined by the ability to contribute to society. Thus, through the attainment of all four Seals of Excellence areas, a student will be able to articulate the skills of thinking, creativity, and communication; personal development and self-realization; leadership in practice; and diversity, social responsibility, and civic engagement, with specific examples from their experiences.

This site contains information to assist in the self-reflection of significant experiences that may lead to a Scarlet Seal of Excellence in one of the areas below:

  • Thinking, Creativity, and Communication
  • Personal Development and Self-Realization
  • Leadership in Practice
  • Diversity, Social Responsibility, and Civic Engagement

Benefits of the Scarlet Seal of Excellence participants:

  • A campus-wide system for demonstration of skills and knowledge beyond the curriculum
  • Preparation for life after UH (job acquisition)
  • Seals are an institutionally recognized award
  • Potential extrinsic benefits of pins and/or graduation cords

Employer Quotes about the Program Model

A National Technology Leader Recruiter
“There are ways you can apply, no matter what position, to these program areas.”

Financial Services Recruiter
“When interviewing, if students could talk about these four areas, it would make the student more appealing.”

Steps in obtaining a Scarlet Seal of Excellence:

  1. Submit your evidence.
    • Using the “Get Involved” portal, a student can submit reflections and artifacts for the seal for which they are ready to demonstrate competency.
    • Submissions will be reviewed by a panel using a common rubric.
    • Students will receive feedback on their applications. Students who need alterations or changes will not be promoted to the second step. Students who meet the rubric criteria will be promoted to the second step.
  2. Articulate your experience.
    • Students will interview with a panel of campus members whose expertise is in the domain of competency. The interview will commence with students presenting for 10 minutes in support of their application to receive the seal. Following the brief presentation, the panel will ask relevant questions.
    • The panel will use a common rubric to evaluate the presentation and interview. They determine if the competency has been demonstrated and if the seal is granted. If the student does not reach the third step they will receive feedback from the panel and next steps for consideration.
  3. Receive a Scarlet Seal of Excellence.
    • Students are notified and invited to the semester seal ceremony.

Competency Areas

Thinking, Creativity, and Communication
Developing skills and knowledge about how one thinks, solves problems, demonstrate creativity, and communicates

  • Problem-solving
  • Thinking (Critical, Reflective, Systems)
  • Reasoning (Quantitative, Effective)
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication (verbal and written)

Personal Development and Self-Realization
Understanding and developing who you are and how who you intersect with others and groups

  • Personal Beliefs (Spiritual development)
  • Ethics, values, and integrity
  • Self-management and respect
  • Identity development
  • Emotional intelligence and resilience

Leadership in Practice
Developing a personal philosophy of leadership that includes the understanding of self, others, and community with responsibilities inherent to community membership

  • Meaningful relationships
  • Collaboration
  • Team leadership
  • Navigation of organizational culture

Diversity, Social Responsibility, and Civic Engagement
Developing knowledge, skills, and activism that supports and understands cultures and community engagement

  • Cultural knowledge and competence
  • Global perspective
  • Social justice
  • Civic responsibility (knowledge/engagement)

For more information or questions please contact us at scarletseals@uh.edu