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Frequently Asked Questions

The ability to earn a seal is not be limited to any certain major, classification, or method of involvement. Any student that is enrolled at the University of Houston can apply.
Using Get Involved, a student can submit their cover letter or personal statement and resume for the seal for which they are ready to demonstrate competency. The cover letter or personal statement should reflect the seal in which they are applying. Visit the website for links to the forms.
Examples can include experiences you have had on campus such as workshops, training, organization events, and leadership speakers. You can pull from any of your experiences to support the learning you gained in each of the seal areas.
For this program, competency areas are independent of each other. Students are encouraged to apply for one or multiple competency areas where they have experiences that demonstrate significant development in the area.
It would depend on you, but the seals are designed to capture substantial student experiences. Experiences that demonstrate significant development in the area of the seal desired may require more than a semester or two on the competency area.
Panelists come from both faculty and administrative leadership across campus whose expertise is in the competency area.
In order to receive a seal, a student must obtain a 75% or higher in their review score from panelists. More information on review categories can be found in the Guide to Excellence on the resource page.
Feedback will be provided to the student for both the cover letter or personal statement and resume and the interview with the panel based on both content and style.
It’s up to the student. Students are encouraged to reach out to trusted members of the community to assist in the self-reflection in order to know if they are prepared to apply for the desired seal.
During the pilot program, it is not necessarily limited to one’s UH experience. All experiences are valid. After the pilot program is finished, this may change.
Students are encouraged to reach out to their staff/faculty leadership. The Center for Student Involvement and University Career Services are also available for consultation and coaching.
The same experience may apply to multiple categories but must be written from the perspective of the category and respond to the skills/knowledge of that area. Narratives should be unique to the category and not copied from others.
Yes, students should reapply. Feedback will be given to students at both the application review and the interview. Feedback should be taken into consideration before re-applying.