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First Year (0 - 30 hours)

Welcome first-year students! From your very first day on campus, you will be presented with limitless opportunities that will shape your UH experience. Make sure to take advantage of the many opportunities to get involved.

Discover yourself and UH

  • Want to broaden your horizons? The Institute of Global Engagement has several programs to incorporate international experience in your college journey. Study Abroad scholarships are available!
  • There are many activities and events happening on campus throughout the year. If you hear about something, go but don’t let it get in the way of schoolwork and healthy sleep.
  • The UH Go app is your fast pass to everything UH. You can find and pay for meals, view your grades and explore life on campus.

Are you struggling in your classes? You are not alone!

Staying on Track

  • The academic maps serve to plan out your courses with your advisor and ensure you complete your degree at UH within four years.
  • Your advisor is your expert on academic questions. Here is a list of Academic Advisors if you are not sure who to contact.
  • Need to know what classes to take next semester, want to add a minor or know how to transfer in credits? Make an appointment with your advisor. Always include your student ID in emails.

Keep your professional future in mind

  • Do you use Instagram or other social media platforms? The best rule when it comes to questionable content is to seek guidance before you post. Keep future employers in mind when posting to your accounts.
  • Make sure your email address is appropriate. An appropriate email address looks professional and is easy to communicate, both verbally and written.
  • If you’re looking for more hands-on experience early in your college career, an internship is a great way to go. Our Career Services offer resources and assistance to help get you connected with an employer.