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Driving Discovery to Advance Quality of Life

The Collaborative supports the UH Population Health strategies of transformative learning, inclusive interventions, thriving communities, strengthening connectivity, and actionable discoveries. Student education, the support of staff, community partners, and the development of trusted strategic relationships with local stakeholders are critical for exploring and implementing innovative research to contribute to a collective understanding of policy informed by quality of life.

What is the Population Health Collaborative?

The UH Population Health Collaborative is an educational and research hub, leveraging innovative research and analytics to craft accessible training and educational resources that drive positive community outcomes.

The Collaborative's value proposition is firmly anchored in a steadfast commitment to policy relevance, deeply rooted in the broader policy and social context, and rigorously validated. We place a premium on expeditiously addressing policy questions by employing a data-driven analytical approach, enriched by valuable community insights, while remaining highly adaptable and open to change and innovation, solidifying our position as a trusted and transparent partner in the pursuit of improved quality of life.


The UH Population Health Collaborative will be led by Dr. Jeronimo Cortina and Dr. Nomita Bajwa with the support of Samantha Chapa and Shana Hardin under the leadership of Dr. Bettina Beech. The Collaborative operates on a dynamic research team model, featuring the collaboration of University of Houston faculty and local partners, including higher education institutions. This innovative approach is tailored to amplify opportunities for cross-disciplinary cooperation, increase local capabilities, foster creativity and adaptability in research, and provide comprehensive coverage of critical local issues.



  • Jeronimo Cortina, Ph.D.

    College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
    Associate Professor

    Executive Director

  • Nomita Bajwa Pharm.D., Ed.D.

    Director of Multi-Sector Partnerships

    Managing Director

  • Samantha Chapa

    College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
    NSF Graduate Research Fellow 

    Research Assistant

  • Shana Hardin

    College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
    Ph.D. Candidate

    Research Assistant

Strategic Goals

Housed at the Sugar Land instructional site, the Population Health Collaborative will launch several activities including the Urban Health Index to measure quality of life indicators across the state, such as health, infrastructure, economic development, education, civic engagement, and other social factors. Additionally, the Collaborative will implement workshops on population analysis, expand surveys for longitudinal, nonpartisan data on underrepresented groups, as well as create the Population Innovation Lab for students to engage in real-world projects.
  • Bulb
    To explore innovative methodologies, enhance our comprehension, and contribute to our collective understanding of policy informed by quality of life.
  • Book
    To support the education of students, staff, community partners, and others with regard to policy, decision-making, impactful multi-sector collaboration, quality of life, research analysis, and accessible communication.
  • Hand shake
    To develop strategic relationships with local and representative stakeholders to identify forthcoming projects and potential partnerships.

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