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IAPHS Student Group at UH

Students are vital contributors to our initiatives, and UH Population Health provides several ways for students to engage across education, research and extracurricular service. 

IAPHS at UH Population Health

UH Population Health launched the nation’s first-ever undergraduate chapter of the Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science. The purpose of IAPHS is to foster scientific innovation and discovery to improve the health of populations and reduce health disparities. The mission of IAPHS is to provide a forum that will connect population health scientists across disciplines and sectors, advance the development of population health science, and promote its application. IAPHS carries out its mission by pursuing three objectives:

  1. Advance population health science
  2. Improve population health by promoting the communication and application of science
  3. Support population health scientists in their careers

The IAPHS Student Chapter at UH shares this mission and as the first undergraduate IAPHS chapter in the nation works closely with UH Population Health faculty and staff to pursue these aims and raise awareness of Population Health at the University of Houston. Membership of the IAPHS Student Chapter is intentionally flexible as in order to best accommodate schedules and time demands. Regardless of commitment level in any given semester, the UH Chapter is a space and resource for professional development, networking, mentoring, research, and internship opportunities. Fees for student membership of the national organization are waived for UH Chapter members.

Contact IAPHS at UH for more information and to sign up for the bi-weekly Population Health Matters! email newsletter.

Minor in Population Health

The Department of Sociology offers the Minor in Population Health starting in Fall 2023. The interdisciplinary Minor in Population Health provides students with a critical perspective needed to consider the full range of factors which impact the health and well-being of populations. This Minor is based on the premise that complex issues require an understanding of theories, concepts, and data from multiple disciplines to create, implement, evaluate, and sustain effective solutions.

Grants for Graduate Students

UH Population Health provides support for student-led research, evaluation, and advocacy projects (e.g., education campaign, community organizing, coalition building) relevant to population health in the greater Houston area. Population health refers to an interdisciplinary approach that utilizes nontraditional partnerships among different sectors of the community to achieve positive health outcomes and/or health equity. Collaborative and cross-disciplinary projects among students and/or community organizations are encouraged.

Guidelines can be found on the Graduate Student Mini-Grants page. Grant submissions are closed for this academic year.