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09.03.01 – Event Reservation and Rental of University Facilities

Section: Facilities

Area: Facilities Use and Oversight

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The procedures described herein define the processes to be followed in carrying out the policy outlined in System Administrative Memorandum (SAM) 01.B.06 - Facilities Reservation and Rental , related to the use of University of Houston facilities by persons and organizations associated with and not associated with the university.


A. Auxiliary Space: Area of the university that is self-supporting, non-classroom space. (Examples include: performance halls, the Conrad N. Hilton Hotel, Housing and Residential Life non-classroom areas, athletic facilities, etc.)

B. Education & General (E&G) Space: As reported on the university's facilities inventory, it is space used for academic instruction and support of the institution's mission.

C. General Purpose Classroom: A classroom used for academic instruction that is not otherwise assigned to a specific academic department. All general purpose classrooms are considered E&G space.

D. Formal Public Art Spaces: These public art spaces are managed by University of Houston System Public Art. (Example: Wilhelmina's Grove.)

E. Centrally-Managed Spaces: Spaces on campus for which special care must be taken. Examples of these spaces include Cullen Family Plaza, E. Cullen Circle, Butler Plaza, and the Fountain.

F. Grounds: All exterior acreage not covered by buildings. Includes plazas, parks, parking lots, roadways, and any other outside space.

G. Lessee: Any individual or group, whether internal or external to the University of Houston, or whether sponsored or not sponsored (in the case of external individuals or groups), who reserves and uses any university facility or space for a purpose other than that for which it is provided.

H. Reservation Office: Campus unit with responsibility and/or authority to assign a particular university facility or space for use by a university or non-university individual or group. Also responsible for collecting and handling all related forms and fees.

I. Special Services: Services provided in support of an event by personnel, contractors, or vendors which are either internal or external to the university or the System.


A. Responsibility for Compliance: The University of Houston Space Inventory identifies all E&G and auxiliary space. The assigned unit has primary responsibility to ensure compliance with these procedures and with SAM 01.B.06 .

B. Priority in Reserving Space: The use of University of Houston facilities for purposes other than those for which they are primarily intended will be allowed on a first-come, first-served basis according to the following priorities:

• University-wide programs and officially recognized student organizations

• Faculty, staff, administration, and those professional organizations/affiliations whose activities are sponsored and coordinated by a University of Houston office or department

• Alumni

• Non-university groups for auxiliary spaces only; non-university groups may not reserve or rent E&G space

Reservations for the use of campus facilities must be made through their respective UH reservation offices .

C. Use of University Facilities for Commercial Purposes:

The Office of the Vice President for Marketing and Communications is charged with oversight of policies and procedures concerning the use of university facilities for commercial purposes (movie shoot location, print and television advertising, etc.). This office coordinates all arrangements with the Office of the Associate Vice President for Administration and oversees the contractual process involved in finalizing these arrangements.

Building coordinators may make arrangement for internal use of classrooms in their facilities, provided there is no commercial intent. Auxiliary Services is responsible for contract documents for external parties and ensuring external parties have the appropriate support services.

D. Police Presence Associated with Space Reservation and Rental:

1. University of Houston Police officers must be hired to provide security, at the cost of the facilities lessee, at events where alcohol is served, unless this requirement is waived. If students are involved, waivers must be requested using a Request for Alcohol Distribution Form , available in the Dean of Students Office. Other waivers may be requested, in writing, to the Associate Vice President for Administration. Event security must be arranged through the Student Center Reservation Office, Department of Campus Activities, or the University Police Department (at least two weeks' advance notice is required by UHPD) using the University of Houston Department of Public Safety Special Event Personnel Request Form . For rates and additional information, please visit

2. The university may require the presence of University Police officers as a condition of holding certain events on campus. The decision to require the presence of officers and the determination of the number of officers necessary will be made as determined by the UH Chief of Police based upon internal protocol. Costs for police services shall be borne by the lessee.

E. Responsibility for Content: The sponsoring organization or group must make it clear that the organization, and not the university, is hosting the event and that the views expressed do not represent the views of the university.


A. To sponsor an event held by a person or organization not associated with the university, a representative of the sponsoring administrative, academic unit, or student organization must submit a completed Acknowledgment of Sponsorship Obligations form , approved by the appropriate college, division, or administrative authority, to the unit having assigned authority over the space requested. In the event of two or more sponsors, all must sign the form.

B. The Acknowledgment of Sponsorship Obligations form will not serve as a reservation of the space; nor will it serve to endorse the person or organization seeking sponsorship, their product/services, or their opinions; nor will it obligate or assign liability to the unit with assigned authority over the space, the university, or the UH System in any way.

C. Student groups who sponsor persons or organizations not associated with the university must also comply with guidelines set forth by the Student Program Board, the Activities Funding Board , and the Council of Cultural Activities . Information is available in Student Activities/Dean of Students Office.


University individuals or groups who use university facilities, and university groups who sponsor non-university individuals or groups to use university facilities, are responsible for the behavior of their members and guests, and will be held liable for any personal injury, damage or theft of university property.


All visitor parking on campus is in paid lots or garages, or at meters. Visitors' vehicles parked on campus without having properly paid for parking, will be subject to citation or tow. For more information on visitor parking, please visit .


A. For reservations involving food and beverage service in facilities where the university food service provider has exclusive rights, all arrangements must be made through the campus food service provider . Food and beverage service at events held in the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management must be arranged through their food service operations. Catering services may be used in other facilities where food service is permitted; however, the university's on-site food service provider offers catering services . Individuals and groups are prohibited from bringing in food and beverage to be served at events without proper approval by the appropriate reservation office .

B. The UH System has an exclusive Beverage contract. Questions regarding compliance with this requirement should be directed to the Executive Director for Auxiliary Services.

C. Campus student organizations and student programs may request from the Executive Director for Auxiliary Services a waiver of these food – but not beverage – requirements for fund-raising events or special programs. The request must be made in writing and clearly describe the event, who is involved, time and location, and a justification for the waiver. There are certain areas designated in exclusive-use facilities where students may bring in snack foods for small groups by working through the respective reservation offices.

D. Alcohol:

1. It is the university's policy that all members of the university community and guests are required to comply with federal, state, and local laws regarding the possession, consumption, and distribution of alcoholic beverages.

2. In renting University facilities, possession, consumption, or distribution of alcoholic beverages at the University of Houston is prohibited, except at:

a. events previously authorized by the Dean of Students, the President, Vice Presidents, or Deans; and

b. the University Hilton Hotel, cafeterias, and on-campus restaurants or food service areas where alcohol is legally distributed or sold.

3. Any use of facilities where alcohol will be distributed or consumed and where students are allowed to attend is subject to the Alcohol Policy and Distribution of Alcoholic Beverages Policy published in the Student Handbook, and also available on the Dean of Students' web site .


A. Auxiliary Facility Charges: Fees and reimbursable expenses associated with the use of auxiliary facilities can be obtained from their respective reservation offices.

The university reserves the right to change rates as necessary without notice.

B. E&G Charges: While sponsored organizations will not be charged rent in education and general spaces, they will be responsible for: 1) completing the university's Facility License Agreement; 2) providing a valid certificate of insurance; and 3) paying for any direct expenses associated with the event, including police or security services; cleaning costs; catering; and parking. Processing of the license agreement and direct expenses are the responsibility of Auxiliary Services.

Within 10 business days following completion of an event, Auxiliary Services shall transfer to specified operating accounts appropriate funds due Facilities Management and/or the UH Police Department. Appropriate paperwork will also be submitted to refund the lessee any unused portion of the deposits or to bill the lessee for additional charges incurred. No interest will be paid on refunds to the lessee.


A. Use of university space by a sponsored non-university group must be authorized by a written agreement. Such agreements are to provide for:

• Full cost recovery;

• Confirmation that the use does not constitute university or state endorsement of the using organization, its views or objectives; and

• Certification that such use does not interfere with primary university uses for which the facilities were intended.

In addition, the agreement must specifically protect the university from any liability or property loss exposures that may or do result from the lessee's activities or occupancy, with language approved by the UH Office of Contract Administration.

B. The lessee must provide financial responsibility in the form of a Certificate of Insurance or as otherwise may be deemed acceptable by the University of Houston's Office of Risk Management. The Certificate of Insurance should reflect the following:

• Commercial General Liability coverage $1,000,000/$2,000,000.

• UH is added as an additional insured.

• Subrogation against UH is waived.

• The lessee's insurance coverage is primary.

Depending on the event, coverage and/or limits may vary. Request for a waiver or deviation of insurance requirements can be made by contacting the Risk Management Office.

C. The lessee must agree to comply with all laws, ordinances, university policies and regulations applicable to the intended use and occupancy. In addition, the lessee must agree to be responsible for payment of federal, state or local taxes, which may be levied against the entertainment being presented or on admission to such entertainment activity.

D. The lessee must not cause or permit anything to be done to mar, deface, or otherwise render the facilities unusable. The lessee must leave the premises in the same condition as the commencement of occupancy, except for ordinary wear and use.

E. Reservation offices are permitted to draft agreements that are unique to their facility, provided all the provisions of this Section IX are included. A draft of the agreements must be submitted to and approved by the Office of Contract Administration (OCA) within the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) prior to actual use. Alternatively, the Facility License Agreement must be used. The Facility License Agreement can be found at .

Reservation offices are responsible for:

• Ensuring that the form used for the agreement has been approved by Office of the General Counsel.

• Maintaining an inventory of blank agreements.

• Ensuring the agreements are properly executed on a timely basis.

• Promptly forwarding a copy of each Facility License Agreement to the Associate Vice President for Administration (or designee).

• Maintaining completed agreements a minimum of three years.

• Ensuring full compliance with the UH Contract Management Handbook and applicable MAPPs.


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Issued: 08/30/2000
Last Reviewed/Revised: 01/07/2020 
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