About SPB

If you like concerts, movies, comedians, free events, and many other fun activities, then SPB is the place for you! The Student Program Board (SPB) at the University of Houston is a fee-funded student organization that exists to create programs that appeal to the student body by providing an array of diverse activities throughout the year.

The Student Program Board’s mission is to enhance the student experience at the University of Houston and bring the University of Houston community together through entertaining, thought-provoking, and programming inclusive events.

We aim to program for every student on the UH campus, by staying connected and understanding our students’ wants and needs. We focus on diversity, both in our programming and in the building of our team. The Student Program Board is a great way to get involved with campus life and an easy way to meet a lot of great new people.

Ezequiel Mendez

As President, Ezekiel oversees all event planning performed by the board, acts as a liaison between the organization and all outside entities for external communications, and is the primary visionary of the organization.

Davis Mendoza

In his role as Vice President of Marketing & Assessment, Davis is responsible for all promotional campaigns, publicity, and all marketing for SPB and its events. They are also primarily responsible for conducting organizational assessments, including internal operation efficiencies, participant feedback on programs and events, etc.

Michelle Benjamin

As Vice President of Membership, Michelle is primarily responsible for the entire recruitment campaign for the Student Program Board. Also, they maintain an ongoing program of leadership development for SPB Committee Chairs and Committee Members, as well as the Membership Point system.

Sarah Durham

In her position as Cinema Chair, Sarah is responsible for bringing cinema events to campus on behalf of SPB, in either the Student Center Theater or projected outside on our huge inflatable screens. They are primarily responsible for developing relationships with movie companies and programming experiences that correlate with the movie of the night.

Ryan Pulido

As Special Events Chair, Ryan is responsible for planning large-scaled events on campus on behalf of the Student Program Board. They are primarily responsible for annually planned events such as Mr. UH, Winter Wonderland, and Springfest. Also, the Chair coordinate with various third-party sponsors, UH departments, and/or student organizations.

Tehilla Flores

As Concerts Chair, Tehilla is responsible for programming different music events, from open mics to competitions. They work with student performers and artists in the Houston music scene to increase involvement and awareness for both groups.

Glende Killough

As Social Media & Programming Chair, Glende is primarily responsible for managing all social media outlets for SPB, as well as determining interactive novelties for students and organizing an event themed around the chosen novelty. Also, the Chair programs events that do not fall within the other Chairs, including trips and tournaments.

Chiamaka Chukwu

As Comedy & Speakers Chair, Chiamaka is responsible for bringing a variety of comedians and speakers to campus. They also partner with other organizations to help bring more attention to certain issues. Annually, the Chair brings about ideas, innovation, and inspiration through Coog Talks, an event for student speakers.

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Student Center
4100 University Drive
Student Center North, N115