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03.01.05 – Posting Flyer Information On Outside University Kiosks

Section: Administrative Operations

Area: General

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This document provides guidelines to accommodate the posting of flyers and the sharing of information at the University of Houston on university kiosks while preserving the cleanliness, landscaping, lighting, visibility and essential utilities of the campus. The primary purpose of these guidelines is to support the events and activities of the university community, while maintaining a clean and safe environment at the University of Houston.


Posting flyers outside of buildings at the University of Houston is limited to the university kiosks available in high traffic areas on campus and other applicable areas used by faculty, staff, and students. Other campus buildings, such as the University Center, university libraries, department buildings, and all residence halls have different regulations on posting flyers, as documented in the Student Handbook . The individual or group with flyer information will need to contact the administrator of the exact campus building/office for specific flyer posting guidelines. Literature distribution and other expressive activity information in MAPP 01.05.01 (Freedom of Expression) is consistent with the instructions documented in this policy.


A. Event: A daily, weekly, monthly or "one time" gathering and/or meeting of a student organization, faculty, staff, and/or UH-registered students at the university. For more definitions of various types of university campus events, see MAPP 09.03.01 , Event Reservation and Rental of University Facilities, Section III.

B. Flyer: A single-page leaflet advertising an event or activity. Flyer specifications are documented in Section V.A.2.

C. University Kiosk: A four-sided, free-standing structure located at various outdoor campus areas displaying flyer information. The kiosk structure is made of concrete, the flyer posting area is composed of plywood, and a "Cougar Postings" label is visible on all four sides, located at the top of the kiosk. The locations for the "Cougar Postings" University Kiosks can be found on the Facilities/Construction Management website .

D. Official University event or activity: Refers to any event being held at the university that is open to all or part of the university community, and is being sponsored by a university division, college, department, or student organization. See MAPP 09.03.01 , Section III.

E. Posting: Displaying an announcement or event in a place of public view (university kiosk).

F. Student organization: There are more than 500 registered student organizations at the university, based on campus traditions, student interests and hobbies, social fraternities and sororities, honors organizations, and major academic-focused organizations. See the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) web site for additional information on currently registered student organizations.

G. University: The University of Houston

H. University department: A campus unit with the responsibility and/or authority to post flyers on specific departmental events.


Posting flyers outside is limited to the open university kiosks positioned at different campus areas. Posting information is strictly prohibited in, on, or around the following areas:

A. All building walls (exterior), bathrooms, columns, doors, concrete walls, painted surfaces, staircases, glass and windows

B. Campus signs, traffic signs, benches, newsstands, sculptures, seating, seating walls and sidewalks

C. Fixtures, light poles, utility boxes, recycling receptacles, library book drops, trash cans and trees

D. Picnic table areas, pilings, emergency call telephone areas, mailboxes, motor vehicles and private property

Note: Campus and Metro bus stops are designated posting spaces for information in area(s) created for this purpose.

E. The Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance's office members will work with the Facilities/Construction Management's Grounds team to remove postings from unauthorized locations. When the unauthorized posting has contact information, a reminder e-mail message will be sent from the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance to the posting person/group regarding this policy to post flyers in authorized locations.


A. Flyers Guidelines

1. Flyers should be for a university campus event, with a date, including any event open to all students and/or the university community, as well as fraternity and sorority events.

2. Flyer specifications

a. Printed material must be no larger than 8.5 x 14 inches.

b. Each flyer must contain

1. Name of the organization, department, or individual

2. Current specific contact information (Phone number, e-mail address)

Note: Flyers without contact information will be removed from the university kiosks.

c. The University of Houston is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe and civil environment for teaching and learning. As such, the flyer's documentation must be in compliance with University of Houston policies, as well as Texas and federal law.

B. Rules For Posting Flyers to University Kiosks

1. Flyers are posted on university kiosks on a first come, first served basis and should not be hung where they cover up any previously posted current materials, unless the previously posted material is past the date of the event advertised. The university will clear all posting locations on a bi-weekly basis of all past dated or "as needed" documents. It is best practice for each side to have no more than 25 flyers at any one time.

2. Flyers shall not be hung in a manner that causes damage to university kiosks or creates a safety risk.

3. No more than one flyer for each event shall be placed on the university kiosk.

Note: "Wallpapering" the university kiosk is not permitted.

4. The student organization, department, or individual posting the flyer to a university kiosk is also responsible for removing the flyer within a two week time frame.

5. Past dated, damaged, and any flyer information remaining on university kiosks at the end of a semester will be removed by Facilities Management Grounds, which reserves the right to charge for the cost of removal (if excessive) and any associated repairs to university kiosks.

6. All postings placed in unauthorized locations will be automatically removed and discarded/recycled. Outside organizations to University of Houston may not post to any campus unauthorized locations; these postings will also be removed and discarded/recycled.


MAPP 09.03.01 – Event Reservation and Rental of University Facilities
MAPP 01.05.01 – Freedom of Expression
UH Student Handbook
University Copy Center and Copy, Print and Delivery Services – For help producing flyers


Issued: 05/29/2012
Last Reviewed/Revised: 10/07/2021
Responsible Office(s): Facilities/Construction Management