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Active Shooter

Alert and Notify

  • Whether your immediate action is to escape or lockdown, alert as many people as possible that you come in contact with of the incident and for them to avoid the danger area.

  • Use Emergency 911, but be aware that the 911 system may likely be overwhelmed. Program UHPD’s 24-Hour Emergency number (713-743-3333) into your cell phone. Always notify the police department as soon as it is safe to do so.

    • What to report:
      • Your specific location/building name and office/room number
      • Number of people at your specific location
      • Number of injured and types of injuries
      • Number of assailants and location
        • Number and types of weapons involved
          (handgun, shotgun, rifle, improvised explosive device)
        • Ethnicity/gender
        • Clothing description
        • Physical description
        • Identity, if known
        • Verbal demands or threats