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In Service Training

University of Houston Police Department Training Division

Training Calendar

As a certified Contractual Training Provider through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), UHPD desires to provide law enforcement related training courses to licensees which will receive credit for the training from TCOLE.

The administration and the implementation of our law enforcement training courses, registration process and cancellation & minimum enrollment is noted below:

  • Registration may be cancelled without penalty, up to three working days before the class; however, registrants who cancel within the last three days, along with all no-shows will be charged full tuition. 
    • NOTE:  At this time, UHPD does not charge any tuition or fees for attending a training course.
  • Classes will be cancelled if minimum enrollments are not met three days prior to the scheduled class start date.
  • Unless otherwise specified, each course must have a minimum enrollment of 12 students, or it will be cancelled.

TCOLE regulations state that every in-service training course will have a final written exam or skills test, and that each student must pass the examination or skills test before they can be given credit for the training.  UHPD has established an 80% passing grade for our exams.

Students should bring note-taking materials to all classes and review the UHPD Training Rules, which will be enforced.

For questions or to enroll in a class please contact Officer J. Johnston at or 713-743-0708.


Training Calendar