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FAQs About Pharmaceutical Health Outcomes and Policy

These Frequently Asked Questions are for the Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a Concentration in Pharmaceutical Health Outcomes and Policy (PHOP) only. For other programs, please visit the individual program.

What are the qualifications for admission to the Pharmaceutical Health Outcomes and Policy (PHOP) Conentration?

A full list of admissions requirements are available on our graduate admissions page located here: PhD Graduate Admissions.

Are any test scores required to apply?

You should take the GRE exam. You are recommended to take the GRE exam at least 2 months before the application deadline, so that your scores arrive on time. Your application will not be reviewed until all test scores have been received. Late scores will delay the review of your application. No scores more than 3 years old will be accepted.

The computerized GRE Exam now can be taken almost daily at exam sites all across the world. To find a site near you, please visit the Educational Testing Service ( We expect a score within the top 50th percentile on either the verbal or quantitative sections of the GRE exam for you to apply.

Please note: This is a minimum requirement and our applicant pool is competitive. Admission and/or financial aid will depend on the number of applications we receive and the quality of these applicants. We recommend that you study for these exams before taking them.

If you are an international student, you need to also take the TOEFL exam. International applicants must submit official TOEFL test scores and meet the minimum University requirements (minimum 550 paper-based, minimum 213 computer-based, and minimum 79 Internet-based). To be considered for a teaching assistantship, an applicant must achieve a 25 or higher on the Speaking portion of the TOEFL, or a 50 on the SPEAK test.

What code do I use when I submit the scores to the University?

When completing test applications use campus code 6870 to have scores sent to the University of Houston Main Campus. You should leave the college or department code blank.

Who do you suggest I use for my recommendation letters?

It depends on your situation. It's a good idea for recent graduates to use professors from courses they have taken as well as work supervisors. If you have been working several years, it is best to use work supervisors and/or professional leaders. When requesting a letter of recommendation, please provide a copy of your latest CV or resume to the individual that will write the recommendation letter.

All application materials, including the letters of recommendation are submitted via the online application. Your recommenders will receive an email from the application portal requesting their recommendations which they can upload into the application directly.

Please encourage your recommenders to address their letters to the Graduate Education Committee.

How many students are accepted into the Ph.D. program in PHOP each year?

The number of students accepted is directly related to the availability of resources. On average, we accept between 5 and 7 students each academic year.

Can I apply for admission in the Spring or Summer semesters?

We do not admit new students in Spring or Summer semesters. Due to the sequence of offered courses, we only admit new students in the Fall semester.

What is the cost for a program?

This information along with detailed breakdown of fees is provided at the following university financial website.

Does the program provide financial support for students?

Teaching and Research assistantships are available for Ph.D. students in the PHOP Concentration. All applicants are considered for these opportunities, and no separate application is required. Assistantships are awarded based on availability and evaluation of the applicant. In addition, a student may be eligible for college- or university-based scholarships.

What will be my opportunities for advancement once I complete the program?

Our graduates are in high demand for industrial and academic positions. To date, most graduates are employed by the time they finish the program, and also have multiple offers of employment.

Students that complete a Ph.D. program have a choice of either selecting a path towards academia or the industry. Our graduates are in demand, and will continue to remain so due to the rising demand for qualified professionals with our degree.

If you have questions regarding how to apply for this program or wish to check your application status, please contact the Graduate Academic Advisor Melissa Nieto at 713-743-7725 or send an email to