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Well-received Receptor Work 

UHCOP Postdoc Earns AHA Kidney Council Award to Present Research on Obesity-associated Hypertension

In recognition of his work in the area of obesity-associated hypertension, UH College of Pharmacy postdoctoral researcher Sanket Patel, Ph.D., received a New Investigator Award to present his latest findings at the American Heart Association's Hypertension 2016 Scientific Sessions Sept. 14-17 in Orlando, Fla.

patel lab photoPatel is part of the research team led by UHCOP Professor Tahir Hussain, Ph.D., who recently was awarded $1.7 million in new National Institutes of Health funding for his ongoing study of hormone receptors involved in the regulation of blood pressure and retention/excretion of water and sodium. Hussain's lab is focused on the possible interdependency of two key hormone receptors – angiotensin subtype 2 (AT2) and Mas – that were previously thought to be functionally independent.

Patel's presentation, entitled "Co-localization and Natriuretic Interdependence of Angiotensin AT2R and MasR in Obese Rat Kidney," was recognized for the New Investigator Award by AHA's Council on Kidney in Cardiovascular Disease.

Their research found that both urine flow and urinary sodium excretion increased in obese rats following stimulation of the two receptors but decreased following inhibition of the receptors. The results lend further evidence of the functional interdependency of the two receptors, which may provide a novel therapeutic pathway for reducing blood pressure and sodium retention.