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Orientation Essentials

Checklist Leading up to Orientation

Use the Checklist for Accepted Students (to be published in April) to help prepare for Orientation. Be sure to check back often, as this checklist will be updated periodically.

Log into your myUH Account

Your myUH account number was sent by email (UHCOP_your log-in to Pharmacy!)

Log-in through AccessUH

Verify/update your contact information. To create a permanent password after logging on, type in your myUH ID number (the 7-digit myUH ID Number) and then click on Request a New Password. Follow the directions given to you and your password will be emailed to you shortly.

Set up your email account to direct email messages to your personal email address.

Meet All Conditions of Acceptance

  • Once your Spring 2022 semester grades have been posted and/or degree is conferred, you must complete Spring Academic Update through PharmCAS AND send in a final transcript into PharmCAS (exempt if spring courses were taken at UH main campus)
  • If you are taking Summer 2022 courses, once these summer course grade(s) are completed and/or degree is conferred, an official transcript(s) must be sent by the institution to the following email address:
  • If you will obtain a degree, your official transcript must indicate your date of graduation, and the type of degree awarded.
  • In your Summer 2022 transcript requests, please include your myUH ID if possible, so that your transcript(s) can be easily matched to your myUH account.

Register for Fall 2022 Classes (beginning in April)

  • Log-in through AccessUH
  • Follow the Registration Guidelines for Pharm.D. Courses
  • Select the appropriate First Year Fall 2022 Courses

Social Security Card

You must bring an official, valid U.S. Social Security Administration-issued hard-copy Social Security Card to Orientation.

In addition, you must ALSO bring a readable photocopy of your Social Security Card to Orientation. The photocopy should be on an 8.5-inch-wide by 11-inch-long (standard letter-size) sheet of paper.

If you do not currently have a Social Security number and/or do not physically possess a valid, official Social Security Card, contact your nearby Social Security Administration office to obtain this social security card in-person.

Locate a Social Security Administration office near you.

Register for a UH Parking Permit

If you plan to park on-campus, be sure to register for a Parking Permit. Be sure to do this quickly, before the space in parking areas closest to our building run out!

Likewise, there are several UH-sponsored programs for alternative transportation to get to/from campus.

Cougar Card

As a pharmacy student, you will need to obtain your Cougar Card, which is your student photo ID, that allows you into our floors of the building. You can upload your photo for the Cougar Card through UH Access, then click on the CougarCard Photo Upload link.

Make sure to complete the Cougar Card Terms and Conditions form and bring it to turn in to the Cougar Card Office when you pick it up.

Your Cougar Card will be available for pick up during Orientation Week (August 15).