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About Us

The office of Faculty Development (FD) at the College of Pharmacy is committed to the professional development and academic progression of the college’s faculty. Our primary role is to design, develop and facilitate faculty development programs and workshops to support, among others, faculty success in teaching and learning, scholarship, creative activities and faculty productivity. Additionally, we oversee new faculty orientation, and provide outreach to opportunities outside the College of Pharmacy.

Our programming aims to enhance faculty effectiveness as clinicians, researchers, educators and leaders, as well as to care for their well-being and mental health, while seeking a work-life integration. We are devoted to create an environment of collegiality, inclusion and equity, in which all faculty can succeed and reach their full potential.



MariVí Tejada-Simón

Director of Faculty Development

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Faculty Development Program

  • Faculty Program

    The Faculty Development program is offered to faculty and staff through workshops, seminars, courses and other online resources.

    For current and future Faculty Development offerings, please refer to the CALENDAR.

    Celebrating Diversity - Pharmacy lunch and theater movie list

    Date Celebration Movie
    Nov. 10, 2022
    Native American heritage month
    "Native American Boarding Schools” (kare11.com, 2021 and Foreign correspondent, 2022 compilation)
    Sept. 22, 2022
    Hispanic heritage month
    "Latino Americans - The New Latinos” (PBS, 2013)
    June 9, 2022
    LGBTQ+ Pride month
    "The Out List” (2013)
    May 13, 2022
    Jewish Heritage month
    "A Parallel Story of Cruelty: Kinder Transfer and Kinderlandverschickung” (U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum/Dr. Tejada-Simon compilation)
    April 15, 2022
    Deaf history month
    "Through Deaf Eyes” (Gallaudet University, 2007)
    March 14, 2022
    Women's history month "Not done: Women Remaking America” (PBS, 2020)
    Feb. 14, 2022
    Black history month “More Than a Month” (2012)
    Aug. 25, 2022
    Discrimination in Research and Science “Picture a Scientist” (2020)

    Past faculty development seminars and workshops





  • Faculty Development Committee

     The FD committee has the following duties and responsibilities:

    • Improve and sustain the professional growth of faculty through collegially planned learning opportunities that continue to support the College’s strategic goals.
    • Provide opportunities for our faculty and staff to improve their knowledge and skills and, ultimately, improve teaching, student learning and student success.
    • To advise the Director of Faculty Development on activities to enhance the faculty experience and foster development as academicians.

    2020-2021 – Task – Mental Health and Burnout

    2019-2020 – Task – Faculty self-assessment tool, peer evaluation rubric and implementation process

    2018-2019 – Task – Self evaluation of teaching

    2017-2018 – Task – Voluntary mentoring program