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Concur Training

The Finance Upgrade - PeopleSoft 9.1
   • Online Training
   • Step-by-step instructions for voucher key functions
      ‌° How to create a voucher
      ‌° How to create a PO voucher
      ‌° How to delete a voucher
      ‌° How to check a budget error
GL Journal
   • GL Journal Creation
SC Voucher
   • SC Voucher Creation
Budget Journal
   • Creating a Budget Journal for a Non-Project Cost Center
   • Creating a Budget Journal for a Project Cost Center
   • Creating a Purchase Requisition - Printable Instructions
   • Creating a Purchase Requisition - Video

Financial Test and Training System
   • Financial Test and Training System Log On

Finance Training
   • Online and Instructor Led Training Classes
   • Training Material
      ‌° Accounts Receivable Departmental Reconciliation & Reporting Procedures
      ‌° Choosing the Right Account
      ‌° Query Training
         • Selected Financial Tables with Key Fields
         • Query Design Elements
         • How to Make Changes to an Existing Query Guide
         • Instructions for Sharing a Private Query
         • Instructions for Creating a Query Favorites List
      ‌° PeopleSoft 8 Online Training
      ‌° Procurement and Contracting Process Flowchart
      ‌° Procurement and Contracting Review 9-16-15
      ‌° Record Retention Training
      ‌° Merchandise Inventory Departmental Reconciliation & Reporting Procedures
      ‌° Travel Rules and Documentation
      ‌° Understanding UH Business - Finance Presentation
      ‌° Verifying Cost Centers

HRMS Training

HR Department Training

New Employee Financial Training
   • Accounting Entry Structure
   • Cost Centers
   • Accounts
   • Sources of Information
   • Accounting Services Overview