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Buyer Designations by College/Division


  1. When selecting your Buyer in the requisition, departments should select their designated “Team Leader” as shown on the Buyer Designation by College/Division table. See step 5 of “How to create a requisition” training guide located at on where to assign Buyer.
  2. The team leader will distribute requisitions amongst team member.
  3. All inquiries should be sent to the appropriate team (Team A, Team B, or Team C) email address shown on the Buyer Designation by College/Division table (When emailing the purchasing teams the department should include the requisition number or PO number if any in the subject line).
Team Leader Team Member Included Colleges/Division
Hasan Jamil
Senior Buyer
Eric Shen
Buyer 3
Facilities - FPC & Minor Projects
Team A
Vacant Randy Dominguez
Buyer 2
College of Medicine
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
College of Optometry
College of Pharmacy
College of Engineering
Divison of Research
School of Nursing
Team B
Selene Cisneros
Buyer 3
Curtis (Justin) Lewis
Buyer 1
College of Business
College of Education
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
College of Technology
College of the Arts
College of Hotel and Restaurant Management
College of Architecture
Graduate College of Social Work
Honors College
Law Center
University Libraries
Team C
Bryan Roche
Buyer 3
Eric Cabiran
Buyer 2
Provost's Office
Administration and Finance
University Services
Department of Public Safety
Houston Public Media
Information Technology
Chancellor/President (Includes Athletics)
Student Affairs and Enrollment Services
University Advancement
University Marketing, Communications, and Media Relations
General Counsel