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NSM Faculty Award for Excellence in Service

Faculty service is integral to faculty governance and excellence at the University of Houston (UH) and in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) yet is often performed without formal recognition or reward. The College of NSM seeks nominations of faculty members who provide outstanding service to their department, college, university, profession, and/or community relevant to their faculty positions. The service recognized in this award will be largely uncompensated, and nominated faculty are expected to be exemplars of outstanding academic citizenship.

While service is a fundamental responsibility of all faculty, nominations should clearly demonstrate how the faculty member has gone above and beyond in service that has had a substantial impact on students, faculty, the university, and/or the community. Relevant to this award, service is defined as significantly enhancing the quality of NSM and UH as an educational/research institution and community of scholars. Faculty should demonstrate a record of multiple service activities or a single, major activity, over a sustained period.

Examples of outstanding service include, but are not limited to:

  • Application of their expertise through participation and service to University-associated organizations, committees, and/or governance.
  • Exceptional service relevant to professional activities.
  • Exceptional engagement with and in support of faculty, staff, or students.
  • Significant contributions in informal roles “behind the scenes” and/or in formal roles.
  • Significant contributions to the community outreach relevant to their role as a faculty member.
  • Teaching and research-related service activities should only be included if they are uncompensated and outside of normal expectations for faculty service.

Teaching and research activities are excluded from consideration.

Previous Recipients

Award Amount

One award of $5,000 will be made each year if at least three responsive applications are received. The winner will receive a plaque and will have their name added to a cumulative plaque displayed in the Dean’s Office. The award is presented at NSM's Faculty Recognition Luncheon. 


Full-time faculty of all ranks that have at least a 50% appointment in one of the NSM departments, including tenured/tenure-track, clinical, instructional, and research faculty in all NSM departments or associated centers, institutes, and programs are eligible for nomination after three years of full-time employment at UH. The Dean, Associate Deans, and Assistant Deans are not eligible. Department Chairs are eligible for service outside of their formal role as Chair. Prior winners of this award are ineligible.

This award is meant to recognize uncompensated service that is above and beyond normal faculty service expectations.

Who May Nominate

Nominations may be made by faculty, students, or staff. Departments may also nominate an individual. Self-nominations are permitted.

Nomination Process

All nominations must be submitted using an online form that will be distributed to all faculty. The nomination form requires a minimum of three letters of nomination where at least one must come from a UH faculty member. The letters should explain the nature, extent, and significance of the nominee’s record of exceptional service to the unit, university, profession and/or community. The following supporting documentation should also be submitted: the nominee’s CV; evidence of service, if available; and a two-page statement written by the nominee that describes their service. The primary nominator is responsible for collecting and uploading all required materials.

Nomination Deadline

The annual deadline is the last day of March. If that day falls on a weekend, nominations are due the first business day thereafter.

Selection Process

Nominations will be reviewed by an ad hoc NSM committee appointed by the Dean. The committee ranking and selection will be reviewed and approved by the Dean.

Additional Information

Questions can be directed to Scott Gilbertson, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, NSM, srgilbe2@central.uh.edu.