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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate success is multiplied when you combine practical applications with theoretical concepts in a lab, interdisciplinary institute, or center. Undergraduates have opportunities to assist a UH faculty member as well as interact with visiting scientists who engage in cooperative research with UH faculty and students, participate in seminars, and supervise independent research projects.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

The National Science Foundation and NSM offer opportunities for qualified undergraduates to conduct 10 weeks of focused research, after their freshman year, under direct supervision of a faculty member. Stipends are provided. Interested students should apply through the appropriate department.

UH Office of Undergraduate Research

The UH Office of Undergraduate Research provides many additional opportunities for undergraduate students.

The PURS Program

The Provost’s Undergraduate Research Scholarship (PURS) program is a semester-long research program for juniors and seniors that provides a $1,000 scholarship. Throughout the semester, the scholars conduct about seven hours per week of research, which is mentored by a faculty member.

The SURF Program

The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program is a full-time summer research program that provides a $3,500 stipend to students from all disciplines.  The 10-week program also includes a weekly lecture series that all SURF participants attend.

Houston Early Research Experience

The Houston Early Research Experience (HERE) is a two-week workshop in May intended to orient rising sophomore and junior undergraduates to the fundamentals of conducting research. UH faculty members and instructors will lead the seminars. HERE students receive a $1,000 fall scholarship for their involvement, and an invitation to join the Houston Scholars program in the fall semester.

Senior Honors Thesis Program

The Office of Undergraduate Research, under the governance of The Honors College, also administers the Senior Honors Thesis program.  The thesis program is a capstone program for graduating seniors from all disciplines, and allows participants to graduate with an honors distinction.