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Shuo ChenShuo Chen

Associate Professor
Department of Physics

Office: Science & Research 1, 510F
Contact: schen34@uh.edu - 713-743-9135

Education: Ph.D., Boston College

Google Scholar Profile

Dr. Shou Chen’s research focuses on synthesis, in situ and ex situ understandings, and applications of nanomaterials for thermal and electrochemical energy conversion and storage.

The nanomaterials for energy conversion include: electrocatalysts for proton exchange membrane fuel cells and direct methanol fuel cells, and electrodes and contact materials for thermoelectric devices. The nanomaterials for energy storage include: cathode and anode in lithium ion batteries and sodium ion batteries, thermal storage devices.

To understand the nanomaterials, Chen’s main approach is applying transmission electron microscopy (TEM), especially in situ TEM, on chemical, electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties of nanomaterials.

Honors and Awards:

Robert A. Welch Endowed Professorship, 2014