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Daniel CherdackDaniel Cherdack

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics

Office: Science & Research 1, 406B
Contact: ddcherdack@uh.edu

Education: Ph.D., Tufts University

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Dr. Daniel Cherdack is an experimental neutrino physicist interested in flavor physics, CP-violation, neutrino oscillations and neutrino interactions.

Flavor physics is the study of the properties of elementary particles and how they relate to each other. CP-violation refers to the differences between matter and anti-matter, which could possibly explain why we do not see any anti-matter in the observable universe. The Weak Interaction is the only interaction that can change particles from one flavor (type) to another, and that can violate CP. Neutrinos are tiny particles that only interact weakly, so they are a great probe to study these subjects. Neutrino oscillations give us information about flavor physics and CP-violation. In order to study oscillations, we need to understand their interaction properties very precisely.

Dr. Cherdack is a member of three neutrino experimental collaborations: T2K, which is taking data, ICARUS, which is under construction, and DUNE, which is in the design stages.