University of Houston Co-Organizes Energy Day 2013

Event Celebrates the Importance of Energy in Daily Living

Energy Day 2013The University of Houston, in partnership with the Consumer Energy Alliance and the City of Houston, co-organized a highly successful Energy Day 2013, which drew more than 20,000 people to the plaza in front of City Hall on Saturday, Oct. 19.

Energy Day 2013 celebrated the importance of all forms of energy in our daily lives and helped to educate the general public, especially children, about the opportunities that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) can offer for their future. Energy Day exhibits demonstrated advances in all areas of energy, including oil and gas technology, renewable energy, energy conservation and alternative ways to power vehicles.

Energy Day 2013The University of Houston presented its research and development efforts in the energy arena through exhibits and demonstrations in solar energy, fuel cell energy, superconductivity, efficient vehicle technologies, atmospheric science and pollution mitigation, sustainability, and educational experience in the STEM disciplines.

Energy Day organizers David Holt of the Consumer Energy Alliance, and Alex Ignatiev, professor of physics at the University of Houston, introduced Mayor Annise Parker, who led a countdown to the launch of an atmospheric measurement balloon by Barry Lefer, associate professor in the UH Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

The University of Houston’s participation in Energy Day represents the University’s commitment to energy education, energy research and energy sustainability in the energy capital of the world.