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Our Research

The research interests of the Department of Physics faculty span the range from the most traditional areas in physics to the newest and most innovative. We have numerous programs in materials science including research in the areas of high-temperature superconductivity, X-ray and neutron scattering, solid state physics, advanced materials, applied nanoscience, and combustion science.

Additional programs in experimental physics include elementary particle physics, relativistic heavy ion physics, space radiation physics and dosimetry, space and atmospheric physics, and medical physics.

In theoretical physics we have programs in areas including solid state physics, non-linear dynamics, statistical mechanics, elementary particle theory, seismic physics, and theoretical biophysics.

We have also created the first formal program in the U.S. in econophysics, the physics of finance.

In this video, learn about research areas covering Complex Systems, Materials Synthesis, Biological Physics, Mission-Oriented Seismic Research, and collaborations at CERN and Brookhaven National Lab.