Society of Physics Students Chapter Receives Honorable Mention

Chapter among Top 20 Percent of All SPS Organizations


The University of Houston Society of Physics Students (SPS) chapter received an Honorable Mention in the Outstanding Chapter Awards for 2012.

SPS Outstanding Chapters are determined each academic year after a careful review of the information, photos and supporting material presented in the annual Chapter Reports.

Criteria for recognition include:

  • Involvement in local, zone and national SPS meetings and other professional meetings
  • Participation in SPS programs
  • Outreach efforts to the grades K-12 or the general public
  • Participation in community service
  • Contributions to student recruitment and retention
  • Participation in social events
  • Interactions with the department’s alumni

The award notification letter from Toni Sauncy, SPS national director, stated the “chapter is among the top 20 percent of all SPS chapters.” The letter also commended chapter sponsor, Dr. Donna Stokes, in saying “to have your group name acknowledged by the peer group is a testament to your personal leadership skills and your ability to bring out leadership in your students as much as it is an acknowledgement of your chapter’s superior performance.”

SPS reviewers noted that the UH chapter members received many scholarships and awards for their research and commented “that is a great thing to hear in SPS; undergraduate research is part of the mission of SPS.”

The chapter has a strong history of achievement, receiving an Outstanding SPS Chapter Award in the 2010-2011 Academic Year.

For information about the UH Society of Physics Students, please visit

- Kathy Major, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics