UH System Board of Regents Approve Tuition Rates for FY2017, FY2018

Tuition Revenue to Support Student Success Strategies for UHS Institutions

University of Houston System (UHS) Board of Regents approved FY2017 and FY2018 tuition rates for all UHS institutions. The new tuition revenue will be applied to student success initiatives at each of the UHS universities: UH, UH-Clear Lake (UHCL), UH-Downtown (UHD) and UH-Victoria (UHV).

Undergraduate tuition rates will increase at each of the four UHS universities. Increases range from 2 percent, or an average of $104 per semester, for UH undergraduates paying variable rate tuition to 6.8 percent, or an average of $232 per semester, for UHV undergraduates paying fixed-rate tuition. Each institution has identified specific areas in which the increased tuition revenue will be allotted, such as increasing financial aid, recruiting and retaining faculty, improving campus facilities and enhancing academic resources.

The Board approved rates for the next two fiscal years in an effort to help students and parents financially navigate future semesters. These rates will be in effect this fall and in fall 2017 and include two options for incoming students: fixed-rate tuition and variable rate tuition.  Optional fixed-rate tuition is available to first time in college students or students transferring into UHS institutions in the fall semesters. These rates were developed in response to a 2014 policy decision from the Texas Legislature requiring universities to offer four-year fixed tuition plans. UH, UHCL and UHV offer four-year fixed tuition. Starting FY2017, UHD will offer a five-year fixed tuition. Students who opt out of four-year fixed-rate plans will pay variable rate tuition.

Approved average tuition rates (not including mandatory student-recommended fees) for 15 semester credit hours at UHS institutions are as follows:





UH Variable Rate





UH Fixed Rate





UHCL Variable





UHCL Fixed





UHD Variable Rate





UHD Fixed Rate





UHV Variable Rate





UHV Fixed Rate





At UH, fixed-rate tuition is part of the UH in 4 initiative. This optional plan was implemented to help students graduate on time and provide consistent tuition rates each year they are enrolled at UH. Eligibility for UH in 4 is contingent on successfully completing 30 semester credit hours during each academic year of enrollment. Data on the progress of students enrolled in UH in 4 indicates that participating students have a higher grade point average than those who did not opt for fixed-rate tuition. The University has also made progress in other key measures of student success, such as increasing retention and graduation rates, and average SAT scores among incoming freshman. During fall 2015, 62 percent of first time in college freshmen at UH participated in the UH in 4 program.

“We’re proud to note the success of the UH in 4 program as it moves into its second year,” said Paula Myrick Short, UH senior vice president for academic affairs and provost. “Through the UH in 4 program, students are successfully completing more credits each semester, which decreases their time towards graduation and reduces the cost of their four-year degree. Students in the program also attempt and successfully complete more credits each semester than those not in the program, and do so with a higher average semester GPA.”

Tuition revenue at all UHS institutions will be applied to student success strategies. These include:


  • adding faculty to support enrollment growth and new academic programs
  • increasing financial aid
  • enhancing academic resources (library, instructional technology, facilities)
  • faculty and staff recruitment and retention


  • support for the downward expansion initiative including academic and support centers for students
  • enhanced course completion rates, retention rates and graduation rates


  • improved student advising
  • supporting enrollment growth
  • increasing financial aid
  • enhancing student support and learning environments
  • bolstering online learning


  • increasing financial aid
  • adding faculty and staff
  • bolstering enrollment
  • providing support for student life initiatives, facilities and operations.

The board also approved student service fees for FY2017 and FY2018 at all UHS campuses. Approved fees are as follows:

  • UH: FY2017 Student Service Fee - $255, Campus Recreation Fee - $101
  • UHCL: FY2017 Student Service Fee - $222 / FY2018 Student Service Fee - $234
  • UHD: FY2017 Student Service Fee - $150 / FY2018 Student Service Fee - $150
  • UHV: FY2017 Student Service Fee - $253.92 / FY2018 $279

More information on graduate tuition, approved fees and the campus tuition and fees process can be found here.

This year, UH was recognized by the Princeton Review on its list of “Colleges That Pay You Back: Schools That Give You the Best Bang for Your Tuition Buck.” In 2015, the University also was ranked among the 30 Best Value Colleges and Universities in Texas.

UH offers incentive programs such as the Cougar Promise and the tuition rebate program. The Cougar Promise guarantees free tuition and mandatory fees to new in-state freshmen with family incomes at or below $45,000. The $1,000 tuition rebate program provides incentive to undergraduates who meet eligibility requirements, including graduating within four calendar years for four-year degrees. The development of these programs and the fixed tuition model is largely in response to rising tuition rates statewide, fueled by long-term decreasing support from state revenues.

For more details on the UH System and the UH System Board of Regents, visit http://www.uhsa.uh.edu/.