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UH Brand and Student Organizations

Since trademarks are legally protected, the UH Brand Management, Licensing and Trademarks department ( helps each individual or organization wishing to use UH trademarks obtain the necessary approvals to use any trademark (logo, graphic, etc.).

Student Organizations include: Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), University Student Organizations (USOs), UH Sponsored Student Organizations (UHSSOs), Affiliated Student Organizations (ASOs) or any other student organization on-campus.

As student organizations (RSO, USO, UHSSO, ASO or other classification) you and the work you are doing through activities, events, etc. contributes to the spirit and value of the University of Houston.

The University of Houston prides itself in showcasing its trademarks (UH logos, name, etc.) and wants you, our students, to be able to represent us through your work as well.

With this in mind, we have designed this page to help equip you with all of the necessary information to represent the university using UH trademarks (logos, graphics, etc.) and the UH Brand Standards.

Determining how/when to use the logo

With over 300 student organizations on-campus, we have categorized who, when and how to use the UH trademarks (logo, graphics, etc.) through our Student Org. Brand Guide alongside your/organizational visual identity.

Below we have compiled helpful links and a step-by-step guide on when to use and how to get permission to use UH trademarks (logos, graphics, etc.)

Step-by-step to submit to UH Branding

Before you submit to UH Branding:

  • Review the Student Org. Brand Guide prior to creating marketing material or promotional items. Additional resources can be found at the bottom of the page.
  • As a friendly reminder, all USOs and UHSSOs are required to use the UH Brand Standards (logo, colors, typography, etc.) when creating marketing materials or promotional items.
  • NOTE: Marketing material can be defined as a flyer, graphic, social media post, etc.


Determine promotional items (t-shirt/apparel, cups, pins, pencils, pens, etc.) you want to order; if not ordering promotional items, skip to step 3


Select a licensed vendor to get a PDF proof; this is a document that shows you what the finished product will look like (Do NOT confirm or approve with your vendor until step #5)

Student Organizations sponsored by colleges, departments or programs may be subject to content review by the college, department or program prior to production of promotional materials and/or distribution of marketing materials. Please check with your Communications office and/or Advisor.


Send PDF proof or PDF of marketing material with UH trademark (flyer, graphic, social media post, etc.) to at least 2 days before you order the item

Each submission needs to include: (1) Name of student organization, (2) Purpose of purchase, (3) Advisor name and contact information, (4) Is this a fundraiser? Yes or No, (5) Additional Comments/Questions


Wait for to respond; this can take up to 48 hours


Once grants approval; CONFIRM your order with the vendor

Common Resources for Student Organizations