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I-Corps Experience Opportunities


Upcoming Opportunities

 National I-Corps Workshop

What is it?

The National I-Corps program supports teams throughout a six week, intensive program. Teams who are seriously moving forward with their startup conduct extensive customer discovery to learn if their startup has the product-market fit to move foward with their idea and customer. Teams work with mentors and instructors to learn more about the customer discovery process and get connected to potential customers. After successfully completing the program, teams are awarded a $50,000 grant to support their startup.

University of Houston assists in the application process to help teams successfully reach and complete the National I-Corps program.

Who can participate?

In order to participate in the National I-Corps Workshop, the team needs to successfully complete a regional activity and receive approval from the leadership team deploying the regional activity. Additionally, the requirements for team composition (or E-teams, listed above) are more strictly adhered to at the National level.

What does it require?

The National I-Corps program is a six week commitment that requires that teams attend an opening and closing workshop, each lasting 2-3 days. In between the workshops, teams are expected to complete 100 customer interviews and regularly check in with the I-Corps team about their progress. 

How can you apply? 

After completing the Regional Short Course activity, and receiving approval from the I-Corps instructor to move forward, you can apply to the National Program by contacting Kelly McCormick at to receive additional information. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and should you be accepted, you will be put in the next available cohort. 


Other Experiences

Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship

Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship is a degree program for students who are seeking an Entrepreneurship major. Several opportunities to engage in I-Corps related curriculum are offered throughout the completion of the degree.

You can learn more on the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship website

RED Labs

RED Labs, the University of Houston startup accelerator also supports student and faculty teams who are launching startups. The startup accelerator is a three month, immersive experience that is designed to provide startup curated curriculum, mentorship and other resources to support UH startups. Successful completion of this program also qualifies teams for the I-Corps award.

You can learn more on the RED Labs website


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Past Events & Workshops 

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