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Academic LLC Classes

Academic Classes Using Lean Launch Curriculum

Academic classes give students an opportunity to learn more about how to launch a startup. The teams formed in the classes do not always qualify for further workshops or activities; however, it can be an excellent way to get acquainted with the methodology before applying to the workshop or short courses. They will also connect you with like-minded entrepreneurs interested in pursuing similar startup ideas. 


Academic Classes Open to all UH Students and Faculty

ENTR 3311/ENTR 7390 (Intro to Technology Entrepreneurship) 

The Intro to Technology Entrepreneurship course is designed for students who are interested in tech entrepreneurship, and want to learn more about how to become an entrepreneur. You don’t need an idea for a company, you don’t need a team - you merely need to be interested in using your skills to solve problems with innovative solutions. The class will include guest speakers who will talk about their experiences as entrepreneurs or in a startup, case studies, and workshops.

Each session will help students begin to understand how they can identify problems, create solutions, build products and start companies. The course will then consider the basic building blocks for starting a company, and lead you to the resources you need should you choose to pursue entrepreneurship.

This class is open to all students, and does not require that you have an idea for a tech startup. 

ENTR 4393/ENTR 7393 (RED Labs Pre-Accelerator)

This dual-listed undergraduate and graduate class is offered in the College of Business and is designed for students and faculty who want to launch a technology-based, start-up company. In a semester long class, the goal is to answer two fundamental questions: who is your customer and what can you do for them? 

Topics covered include market segmentation, identifying a first market, developing an end-user profile, calculating market size, identifying a customer persona, quantifying the value proposition, charting the competition, and defining a core.

This class is only available in the Spring semester. This class requires that you are pursuing an idea for a tech startup in order to enroll.  Instructor consent is required to join the class. Applications for the Pre-Accelerator open during spring semester registration. Check back here to learn more or subscribe to the RED Labs newsletter to receive updates. 

ENTR 4397/7397 (Women in Entrepreneurship) 

This class will focus on women in the workplace, and specifically, entrepreneurial roles. Not only will students have the opportunity to engage in Lean Launch Curriculum, including assessing innovations and gaining traction for ideas, but also, discussion will center on the issues women leaders face in pursuing entrepreneurship and innovation. The intention of the class is to provide a unique, supportive environment for women to learn the skills they need to become successful entrepreneurs and leaders. Women in Entrepreneurship will aim to encourage creativity, innovation, and the pursuit of professional goals. Female entrepreneurs will be joining the class to speak about their experiences and teach relevant skills.

This class is open to all students, in any college and at any level. 


Academic Classes open to Students and Faculty in the Academic Discipline incorporating a primer LLC module focused on commercialization of technology and ideas in the specific discipline

ECE 4336 (Electrical and Computer Engineering Design II) 

This class is offered in the spring semester in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ENGR). Designed for senior engineering students that are in the second semester of their capstone design course. Topics include who is your customer, what you can do for them, preparing an executive summary, and pitching well.

COSC 4397/7397 (App Design and Entrepreneurship) 

This course is offered in the fall semester in the Department of Computer Science (NSM). Open to all computer science students. Topics include who is your customer, what you can do for them, how will your customer acquire the product, how to develop a business model, how to design and build a product, and how to scale. Final deliverables include a pitch and a software prototype.

INDS 4365/6397 (Design Practice and Business)

This is a spring semester course offered in the College of Architecture (ARCH). Open to industrial design students. Topics include who is your customer and what you can do for them, pitching well, and case studies from design-driven firms.