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I-9 Request

HR I-9 Section 1 Request

  • Request is completed by department
  • HireRight sends an email to the new employee to complete section 1 of the I9
  • HR will send an email to the department contact and the new employee to confirm we received the request
  • On or before the official start date, the new employee will need to report to the HR Service Center with the original, unexpired required documents to complete the second section of the I9.

Please submit your request to Human Resources Employment by completing the fields below. Within no more than two business days, you will receive an email from Human Resources Employment regarding your request.

Please complete the fields below for prospective employee.


*For Faculty: Departments will need to create a Future Faculty POI with a current effective date.

*For Staff: Departments will need to contact the HR Service Center (713.743.3988) to create a Future Employee POI.

Please Note: If you are hiring a foreign national, there may be additional forms and considerations. Please consult the immigration website or contact the Office of the General Counsel.