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Get Connected

  • Check our Events page for upcoming Getting Started in Research Info Sessions.
  • Subscribe to the OURMA listserv by emailing us your first and last name and your email address to learn about research opportunities, scholarships, internships, summer programs and volunteering prospects.
  • Join us on Facebook and follow along on Instagram (@UHOURMA) for updates, tips and scholar spotlights.
  • Consult this listing of UH faculty members seeking undergraduate researchers to assist them in ongoing research projects. This list is not comprehensive. There are many other faculty members on campus conducting research, but this list can get you started. If you can't find an opportunity here, email our office.
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Find a Faculty Mentor

Research the Faculty:

  • Start by talking with faculty you know from courses that you have enjoyed and in which you have done well. Even if the professor is not currently seeking an undergraduate researcher, he or she may know of colleagues that are seeking research assistants within your discipline.
  • Read the faculty profiles from your home department. This is perhaps the best way to learn more about what research is in your field, and it will assist you in determining what type of research you would like to conduct. Many faculty webpages list some of the publications that the faculty member has authored. It is a good idea to read some of these articles.
  • Consult with an academic advisor from your department to inquire about faculty members currently conducting research in your discipline.
  • Talk to other undergraduates who are currently conducting research. They can let you know how they got their foot in the door. 

Contact the Faculty (your email should include):

  1. Contact information
  2. Background information, such as academic information and any previous research experience
  3. Unofficial transcript
  4. One page résumé
  5. Specifically  what about the professor’s research is of interest to you?
  6. Why would you be a good fit for the position?
  7. Your availability to conduct research
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Apply for a Research Program

Once you have found a faculty mentor, OURMA offers several research programs to which you can apply.

Your choice of application will be based upon the length and scope of the research project, your academic schedule, and discussions with your faculty mentor for research.   

Potential Research Program Options Include:

Other Non-Program Options Include:

  • Enroll in an independent study course (see your academic advisor for course number and appropriate number of credits)
  • Get paid hourly through the department
  • Volunteer your time
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Conduct the Research

Review available research resources to assist you along the way.

You may also present a research poster at Undergraduate Research Day, which takes place every spring semester, or speak to your faculty mentor or OURMA staff about presenting your research at academic conferences within your field.