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Honors Advising

Personalized academic advising sessions are available to students throughout the academic year. The Honors College recommends registering for an advising session every semester to aid students in monitoring their academic progress and appropriately planning their semesters. Students may arrange meetings with advisors during the priority registration period, schedule individual appointments during the semester or simply walk in during designated walk-in advising times.   

Need to speak with an advisor? Email, call or come by the Honors College Student Services Office to set an appointment (713.743.9010 and If you need to sign up for priority advising, schedule an appointment online.

Advising Checklist (items to remember when you attend advising):

  1. Advisor name and office location

  2. Proposed schedule of classes

  3. Partially completed Honors College Advising form

  4. Honors Coursebook, plus supplemental pages

  5. Clear all stops on your account, and make sure it is paid to date.

  6. If a graduating senior, file all proper paperwork with both the University and the Honors College.